Phil Manfield, PhD. Shares Thoughts On EMDR

Phil Manfield, PhD. Shares Thoughts On EMDR

A psychotherapist in the Bay Area for 35 years. He’s done just about everything during the 35 years, but since around 1991 I have been doing EMDR.

The surprising moments are always when people come in devastated and walk out a new person. Those are always just wonderful moments.

I would say the galvanizing moment was the practicum during my first training, because I’d been in – in an analytic psychotherapy for a year and a half, after a car accident. And I’d been hit from behind and I’d seen the car coming through my rearview mirror, and after that happened, I couldn’t sit at a traffic light or a stop sign. I would be looking in my rearview mirror and I would just not expect the car to stop.

And I’d been in this analytic therapy for a year and a half; it really hadn’t helped at all. Now I did the practicum with someone who had never done EMDR before, 35 minutes, and it solved the problem. … see full interview in video…

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