GillianAshleyMartz_EquineTraumaTherapy“I have an injury called PTSD. Two years ago the pain was so intense it crippled me. For months, before I knew it’s name, all I could do was lay on the floor crying in a drug induced state. I received intense Trauma treatment, continued with psychological care on my return and still I sought more answers for further relief. While at Trauma treatment I was told about Equine therapy. I was willing to try anything. I found VTEA. And one session led to another, and not soon enough, I was introduced to Gillian, something called EMDR and a horse named Whatson. I had read about EMDR but not in the equine application. It’s been about a year now. I struggle to write this. Not for lack of something ‘nice’ to say…but trying to find the words that will do any justice to the “A-ha” moments I had EACH and EVERY time. At first I was a ‘watch & see’…than I became a believer. It is incredible to watch how Whatson interpreted my trauma re-enactments, processed them, and ‘exhaled’ them. Then throw in EMDR. The gentle taps on the shoulders to forge new pathways in the mind, body & soul to re-build what I deemed as “broken”. I experienced how my fears & mistrust translated through Whatson, I was in shock at seeing how my traumas played out & still seemed alive & well within. I couldn’t even sit on the horse without my shoulders around my ears, I held my breath, my vision askew, and my body going into “fight or flight” mode (definitely ‘flight). Then how one day…nine months later…I was able to run around the arena with a free reign horse galloping behind my right shoulder. I cannot put into words what that felt like. “Freedom” is as close as I can get. “Exhilarating” is a close second. My sessions have turned out to be every Monday. I had posted a photo of Whatson on my Facebook to show what my Monday’s look like…and that I wished it was my every day. Thank you Gillian, Julie & Whatson. For the continued healing.”
- Equine Assisted EMDR ~ BP

“After many years of CBT therapy (which did improve functioning for a period of time, but did not heal past trauma), I decided to try EMDR with Gillian at the suggestion of my psychiatrist. To be honest, when I first heard of EMDR, I thought it sounded very odd, and was somewhat skeptical when I began treatment. Very quickly, though, I could see that it was legitimate. I have found EMDR to be vital in healing past trauma and, thereby, the key to ongoing healthy functioning. I have learned skills that will last for a lifetime and not just a period of time. Today, I am a healthy person. As with anyone’s life, challenges and stressors crop up unexpectedly. However, for the first time I am able to ride through, and come out of, these situations remaining balanced. I can’t recommend EMDR highly enough. It’s been a lifesaver.”
- EMDR Client ~ EP

GillianAshleyMartz_TransformingTraumaCounselling“Gillian has been instrumental in helping me move through old pain and new experiences with a new found self worth. Gillian came recommended to me by my family doctor. I have worked closely with Gillian for several years, through numerous life experiences with great success. I have tried several therapists before I met her, all whom were good in their own way, but none of them had the ability to connect and make such an impact as quickly as Gillian.Gillian’s approach and ability to connect the dots quickly makes it incredibly easy to be open, honest and authentic during challenging conversations. Cognitive behavior therapy, combined with EMDR, quickly alleviated the emotional pain and debilitating hold previous beliefs and thoughts once had. I was able to move through my struggles much faster than I was ever able to before, and the lasting, residual effect has been life changing.I trust Gillian, and her approach with my life, my family & friends. I have sent people who are very dear to me to see Gillian, and am happy to hear that they were also able to connect with her so quickly. I believe that I have learned the most valuable skills, and that I have the tools I need to navigate myself and my loved ones through this journey of life. I will continue to take care of my mental health with the same respect that I take care of my physical health.”
- EMDR Client ~ Client

“Prior to seeing Gillian recently, all I could think is “There is something wrong with me” because I would get angry all the time. During our sessions, Gillian has helped me understand why I am feeling the way I do and why I respond with anger under certain circumstances.This understanding has helped me to make small changes, explore different ways of responding before getting angry and ultimately get angry less often.”
- EMDR Client ~TZ

Equine Guided EMDR“I was new to EMDR when I first met with Gillian, but she creates such a friendly, knowledgeable and safe environment in which to work with her that I was quickly able to learn and start incorporating the concepts. I have benefited greatly from my work with Gillian. She is a skilled therapist who has helped me with past trauma and current life events, assisting me in making connections that would not otherwise have been recognized, and putting the past to rest. I would definitely recommend Gillian to anyone struggling with any aspect of their life as she can help you learn what is holding you back and help you move forward in a positive way.”
- EMDR Client ~ CM

“I have seen Gillian periodically over the course of 7 years (often coinciding with major life events): such as pre-marital counselling; prior to starting a family and later regarding various stressors relating to work and family life. I see Gillian because I feel safe talking to her and sharing my feelings. She exudes calmness, compassion and respect. While Gillian is clearly a highly educated and experienced counsellor, she explains things in a way that is easy to understand and logical.”
- Counselling Client ~AB

“The best way I can think of to describe my couselling experience with Gillian Ashley-Martz using EMDR is to say it was like cleaning out my emotional closet and throwing away all the bad stuff that I just didn’t want to wear anymore. I am now able to let go of the same old patterns and have new choices. EMDR focused on the reasons for my anxiety and stress, rather than focusing on changing my behavior. Once I was able to reprocess the source of the anxiety, the behavior changed on its own. Gillian was encouraging, understanding and very supportive, I will always be thankful for her help.”
- EMDR Client ~ KF

Testimonial_bench“I was fortunate to meet Gillian 8 years ago and continue to have the greatest respect for her as a counsellor, mentor and role model in my life. In 2005 my husband and I moved to Vancouver with our first baby and attended a S.T.E.P parenting course facilitated by Gillian. Both of us were immediately struck by her warmth, personable nature and professional knowledge and soon afterwards began marriage counselling with her.”Gillian empowered us in our relationship during our most challenging years to date when we were living away from our home country and raising small children. Gillian expertly guided us in resolving our immediate problems and worked with us to raise awareness of and strategies for dealing with ongoing issues. Gillian was key to helping us enhance and enrich our marriage and “dream together” again! We each continue to feel deeply cared for and sustained as individuals and as a couple by her.In individual sessions also I find Gillian to be a source of wisdom, caring and inspiration. I enjoy her sense of humour and fun! She listens mindfully to my feelings without judgment and always responds with understanding and professional insight. After talking with Gillian I feel centered again, totally supported and with a clear perspective. My life journey is so much richer for knowing and working with Gillian and am thankful she continues to be an integral part of it.”
- Counselling Client ~ AG

“Gillian Martz has given me knowledge about my emotions which has led to my emotional maturity. Her methods help me to understand my emotional reactions and where my emotions ‘sit’ in my body. My time with her keeps me emotionally and physically healthy. One session heals my emotional turmoil. I now have useful ‘tools’ for my health ‘toolbox’.”
- Counselling Client ~ LL

“Gillian has a rare talent. Her capabilities and skills are virtually endless. Her compassion, heart, desire and drive to help her clients is immeasurable. I’m sure that I would be one of many many clients that she has helped that can honestly say she has changed my life and the gift she has given me will be with me for all my days.”
- Counselling Client ~ PL

Equine Guided EMDR“My 11 year old daughter’s anxiety was so bad that I felt all I had left to do was to medicate her. I decided to try the EMDR in combination with horse therapy and after only a few visits her anxiety is almost non-existent anymore. I realize that she may have to go back as things come up in life but I was amazed at how well and quickly this therapy calmed her down. She is back to her old self again. I would highly recommend this form of therapy to anyone.”
- EGT Client ~ KC